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My friend Peter Marino and I were presented with an opportunity that neither one of us was ready for...but The Heavens Above had other plans for us. We stumbled upon a precious little kitten need of medical care. We took the little soul to an emergency vet clinic and stabilized her through IV hydration and antibiotics, and then after speaking to Janine, contacted Diane Levitan’s office where we found the most loving, gentle and thorough care that we could find. Diane and her staff at Peace, Love, Pets took a special interest (probably their routine interest) in this little feral kitten we named Sathya (truth, in Hindi) and gave her a chance at a special life. Sathya is now flourishing, eating on her own after weeks of force feeding- loving her food! She’s playing with her toys right now; weeks ago we were faced with the challenge that she might lose her eyes-but she’s sighted now- her eyes wide open and looking at the world with amazement as any other kitten might at her age. She loves her food, does her litter box, rubs against me AND Paco the Chihuahua (also a rescue) and is happy in her new environment. Janine, I thank you from the bottom of my soul that you connected me with Peace, Love, Pets; Diane- words cannot express my feelings for what you have done for Sathya, your care for her was above and beyond what any other Dr. would even think of doing; and to my friend Peter, to was with me, through hydration, meds, and 6 x a day force feedings and sleeping on my sofa next to her as we kept her in her ‘incubator’ after she lost 10 degrees of body heat and thought we would lose her completely... I thank you all. Thank God that we were able to give her 24/7 care!  Sathya is the sweetest and most special kitten that I have ever met; I’ve had only   dogs  for many years but have had many  cats in years past- my most special was my Jordan; black like Sathya. Who would have thought that this little feral kitten would accept Peter and I as her family? It’s been an amazing experience for both Peter and myself, and without you, we would have been deprived of it. Diane, you saved a little soul. Words cannot express our gratitude. Your care was outside of ‘ normal’ care, you gave your heart and soul to this little being- and that it was for a little feral kitten makes your actions even more special.   I’m attaching some photos but will send more to show her progress. May God Bless you both.

- Susan Miller