Here at Peace Love Pets Veterinary Care, we are proud to offer veterinary specialist referrals.

As veterinary professionals, we will do everything we can to help your pets. However, there are times when your pets need more than we are able to do. They may need a specialist who is able to perform more complex diagnostic testing and surgeries.

For times like these, we have a list of veterinary specialists that we trust. Often, we work closely with these specialists to give your pets the care they deserve. They are very good at keeping us informed of your pet’s progress. We will help you and the specialist to ensure that your pets have a speedy recovery.

If you think your pets need to be seen by a specialist, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (631) 499-3300.

Download our referral form here.

All referred clients must understand that they are being referred to Peace Love Pets Veterinary Care for a specialty service and it is routine and customary that they will return you, the referring doctor, for continued care of their pet. Peace Love Pets Veterinary Care will not accept them as a client for general care while the pet is a patient of the referring doctor that has sent them.